Source code for ytree.frontends.treefarm.arbor

TreeFarmArbor class and member functions


# Copyright (c) ytree development team. All rights reserved.
# Distributed under the terms of the Modified BSD License.
# The full license is in the file COPYING.txt, distributed with this software.

from collections import \
import glob
import h5py
import re

from unyt.unit_registry import \

from ytree.data_structures.arbor import \
from ytree.frontends.treefarm.fields import \
from import \
from import \
    _hdf5_yt_attr, \

[docs] class TreeFarmArbor(CatalogArbor): """ Class for Arbors created with :class:`~ytree.treefarm.TreeFarm`. """ _suffix = ".h5" _field_info_class = TreeFarmFieldInfo _data_file_class = TreeFarmDataFile def _parse_parameter_file(self): fh = h5py.File(self.filename, "r") for attr in ["hubble_constant", "omega_matter", "omega_lambda"]: setattr(self, attr, fh.attrs[attr]) my_ur = UnitRegistry.from_json( parse_h5_attr(fh, "unit_registry_json")) right = _hdf5_yt_attr(fh, "domain_right_edge", unit_registry=my_ur) left = _hdf5_yt_attr(fh, "domain_left_edge", unit_registry=my_ur) # Drop the "cm" suffix because all lengths will # be in comoving units. self.box_size = self.quan( (right - left)[0].to("Mpccm/h"), "Mpc/h") fh.close() def _get_data_files(self): suffix = ".0" + self._suffix reg ="^(.+\D)\d+{suffix}$", self.filename) if reg is None: raise RuntimeError( f"Cannot determine numbering system for {self.filename}.") prefix = reg.groups()[0] files = glob.glob(f"{prefix}*{self._suffix}") fids = defaultdict(list) for my_file in files: fid = int(my_file[len(prefix):-len(suffix)]) fids[fid].append(my_file) my_files = [fids[myfid] for myfid in sorted(fids.keys(), reverse=True)] self.data_files = [[self._data_file_class(f, self) for f in fl] for fl in my_files] @classmethod def _is_valid(self, *args, **kwargs): """ File should end in .h5, be loadable as an hdf5 file, and have a "data_type" attribute. """ fn = args[0] if not fn.endswith(self._suffix): return False try: with h5py.File(fn, "r") as f: dtype = f.attrs.get("data_type") if isinstance(dtype, bytes): dtype = dtype.astype(str) if dtype != "halo_catalog": return False except BaseException: return False return True