Source code for ytree.frontends.rockstar.fields

RockstarArbor fields


# Copyright (c) ytree development team. All rights reserved.
# Distributed under the terms of the Modified BSD License.
# The full license is in the file COPYING.txt, distributed with this software.

import numpy as np

from ytree.data_structures.fields import \
from ytree.frontends.rockstar.misc import \

m_unit = "Msun"
p_unit = "unitary"
r_unit = "kpc"
v_unit = "km/s"

id_type = np.int64

[docs]class RockstarFieldInfo(FieldInfoContainer): alias_fields = ( ("halo_id", "ID", None), ("desc_id", "DescID", None), ("mass", "Mvir", m_unit), ("virial_mass", "Mvir", m_unit), ("virial_radius", "Rvir", r_unit), ("scale_radius", "Rs", r_unit), ("velocity_dispersion", "Vrms", v_unit), ("position_x", "X", p_unit), ("position_y", "Y", p_unit), ("position_z", "Z", p_unit), ("velocity_x", "VX", v_unit), ("velocity_y", "VY", v_unit), ("velocity_z", "VZ", v_unit), ("angular_momentum_x", "JX", None), ("angular_momentum_y", "JY", None), ("angular_momentum_z", "JZ", None), ("spin_parameter", "Spin", None), ) data_types = ( ('ID', id_type), ('DescID', id_type), ('uid', id_type), ('desc_uid', id_type), )
def setup_field_groups(): m = Group("masses") m.add_thing(lambda a: a.lower().startswith("m")) p = Group("positions") p.add_thing(lambda a: a.lower() in list("xyz")) v = Group("velocities") v.add_thing(lambda a: a.lower().startswith("v")) r = Group("radii") r.add_thing(lambda a: a.lower().startswith("r")) r.add_thing(lambda a: (len(a) > 1 and a.lower().startswith("x"))) a = Group("angular") a.add_thing(lambda a: a.lower().startswith("j")) return [m, p, v, r, a]