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YTreeArbor io classes and member functions


# Copyright (c) ytree development team. All rights reserved.
# Distributed under the terms of the Modified BSD License.
# The full license is in the file COPYING.txt, distributed with this software.

import h5py
import numpy as np

from import \
    DefaultRootFieldIO, \
    DataFile, \

[docs]class YTreeDataFile(DataFile):
[docs] def __init__(self, filename): super().__init__(filename) self._field_cache = None self._start_index = None self._end_index = None
def open(self): self.fh = h5py.File(self.filename, mode="r") if hasattr(self, "analysis_filename"): self.analysis_fh = h5py.File(self.analysis_filename, mode="r") def close(self): self.fh.close() self.fh = None if hasattr(self, "analysis_filename"): self.analysis_fh.close() self.analysis_fh = None
[docs]class YTreeTreeFieldIO(TreeFieldIO): def _read_fields(self, root_node, fields, dtypes=None, root_only=False): dfi = np.digitize(root_node._ai, self._ei) data_file = self.arbor.data_files[dfi] if dtypes is None: dtypes = {} if data_file._field_cache is None: data_file._field_cache = {} if data_file.fh is None: close = True else: close = False # get start_index and end_index for itype in ["start", "end"]: if getattr(data_file, f"_{itype}_index") is None: setattr(data_file, f"_{itype}_index", data_file.fh[f"index/tree_{itype}_index"][()]) ii = root_node._ai - self._si[dfi] field_data = {} fi = self.arbor.field_info for field in fields: if field not in data_file._field_cache: if fi[field].get("type") == "analysis_saved": fh = data_file.analysis_fh else: fh = data_file.fh fdata = fh[f"data/{field}"][()] dtype = dtypes.get(field) if dtype is not None: fdata = fdata.astype(dtype) units = fi[field].get("units", "") if units != "": fdata = self.arbor.arr(fdata, units) data_file._field_cache[field] = fdata field_data[field] = \ data_file._field_cache[field][ data_file._start_index[ii]:data_file._end_index[ii]] if close: data_file.close() return field_data
[docs]class YTreeRootFieldIO(DefaultRootFieldIO): def _read_fields(self, storage_object, fields, dtypes=None): if dtypes is None: dtypes = {} fh = h5py.File(self.arbor.filename, mode="r") if self.arbor.analysis_filename is not None: analysis_fh = h5py.File(self.arbor.analysis_filename, mode="r") field_data = {} fi = self.arbor.field_info for field in fields: if fi[field].get("type") == "analysis_saved": my_fh = analysis_fh else: my_fh = fh data = my_fh[f"data/{field}"][()] dtype = dtypes.get(field) if dtype is not None: data = data.astype(dtype) field_data[field] = data self._apply_units(fields, field_data) fh.close() if self.arbor.analysis_filename is not None: analysis_fh.close() return field_data