class ytree.frontends.rockstar.arbor.RockstarArbor(filename)[source]

Class for Arbors created from Rockstar out_*.list files. Use only descendent IDs to determine tree relationship.


Initialize an Arbor given an input file.


__init__(filename) Initialize an Arbor given an input file.
add_alias_field(alias, field[, units, force_add]) Add a field as an alias to another field.
add_analysis_field(name, units[, dtype, default]) Add an empty field to be filled by analysis operations.
add_derived_field(name, function[, units, …]) Add a field that is a function of other fields.
add_vector_field(name) Add vector fields for a set of x,y,z component fields.
get_nodes_from_selection(*args, **kwargs)
get_yt_selection(*args, **kwargs)
is_grown(tree_node) Return True if a tree has been fully assembled, i.e., the hierarchy of ancestor tree nodes has been built.
is_setup(tree_node) Return True if arrays of uids and descendent uids have been read in.
query(key) If given a string, return an array of field values for the roots of all trees.
reset_node(tree_node) Reset all data structures for a single node.
save_arbor(**kwargs) Save the arbor to a file.
select_halos(criteria[, trees, select_from, …]) Select halos from the arbor based on a set of criteria given as a string.
set_selector(selector, *args, **kwargs) Sets the tree node selector to be used.


arr Create a unyt_array using the Arbor’s unit registry.
box_size The simulation box size.
field_info A dictionary containing information for each available field.
hubble_constant Value of the Hubble parameter.
is_planted Determine if trees have been planted.
quan Create a unyt_quantity using the Arbor’s unit registry.
size Return total number of trees.
unit_registry Unit system registry.